Mystery Monday 4 – Step Four

More satisfying progress this week as we  work with the remaining squares from the previous step.  Download printable instructions here.

Pair up the 4 7/8” squares into 4 pairs AB and 4 pairs AC. 

Mark the diagonal on the WS of the palest fabric in each pairing, stitch ¼” away from this marked line on both sides, press flat and cut apart on the marked line.  Press each unit so that the seam allowance falls to the darker side.

Trim off the “ears”.

You should have a total of 8 AC triangle units and 8 AB triangle units.

Arrange and assemble the 4patch units, triangle units and E squares following the diagram carefully and make a total of 4 blocks. 

Notice that the block has 2 AC squares on one side of the centre square and 2 AB triangle squares on the other side of the centre.

Press the blocks and set aside.


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