Mystery Monday 4 – Step One

So here we go with the first step for our new mystery …  you can download a printable version here.

Step One  

 From Fabric A cut 4 squares 4 ½” 

From Fabric C cut 12 squares 4 ½”

From Fabric E cut 4 squares 4 ½”

 Also, from each of Fabrics A and E cut 2 strips 2 ½” and seam the strips together in AE pairs. 

Press seam to one side or open, according to your preference,  then cut apart into 2 ½” slices.  You will need a total of 32 slices.

Arrange these slices into 4patch units 


 and stitch together.  You will need a total of 16 of these 4patch units.


Put these 4patch units in a safe place until next week.



One thought on “Mystery Monday 4 – Step One

  1. I’m thinking I NEED to do this one, how about in Vietnam silk?! Guess, I better go shopping! I love your directions and photo steps. Of course, I already knew you two are the best ;> !!

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