Off to a good start

Just a few days into this New Year and time is rushing by at tremendous speed – how did that happen?  Chris has already fitted in a quick trip to family in Wales alongside all the other stuff she has got lined up and Barbara is trying to get to grips with some more worksheets and samples before she heads off to teach at Denman College next week. 

One very important thing that we noticed from the recent VAT increase is that Jaffa cake biscuits will be exempt (so Jennie will be fine), but not chocolate covered biscuits – this may give us some serious concerns when shopping in supplies for our classes!  or we may have to change the habits of some 20years and adapt our biscuit choices accordingly.  Or we could always eat cake ….

Before classes start later this month we are going to have a Grand Day Out and visit some of our nearer quilt shops.  Way back in the 80s we used to trek up to Huddersfield to Pioneer Patches (sadly no more) or make our way down to White Cottage Crafts (very much still in business) at Seisdon.  (Just noticed there’s a sale on at White Cottage 7th and 8th January ..) There was nothing else in between other than the Laura Ashley shop in Shrewsbury.   Now we think we are really lucky in this area – there are lots of shops and quilt businesses within an hour’s drive, it’s wonderful.  In fact, it’s so wonderful  that, when Chris gets ten minutes to herself,  we’re going to put a list of just some of those we know about on our website‘s  Links page so that you can see for yourselves.  If we’ve missed anyone out, please let us know.

Now that Christmas is over and we’re all looking forward into 2011, here’s a few reminders of dates etc:

January 19th              Angie Whiston talk

Caverswall  Village Hall (

January 23rd              Nantwich Quilt Day, Civic Hall, Nantwich

January 26th           C&B Evening classes start          fully booked

January 29th            C&B “Your Starter for Nine” class at Tittensor  

– we have just 2 places left

February 3rd           SPQ (Staffs Patchworkers & Quilters) meeting  

 New time & new venue – 6.45pm for 7.15 start at

Walton Community Centre, Stone

And later this month Mystery Monday will be back as promised – so sharpen up those rotary cutters and get ready to measure, cut and stitch.  We haven’t got a firm date yet – except that it will obviously be a Monday – but just as soon as we get the pictures taken we’ll be posting the requirements list. 



2 thoughts on “Off to a good start

  1. What we have to remember about V.A.T. is that everyone who buys biscuits will be paying it; so even the rich with their silver teaspoons next to their teacups, next to their chocolate biscuits will be ‘coughing up’! Gives me great satisfaction to dwell on that thought.

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