2011 well under way

Happy New Year to everyone! 

It looks like being a very positive and productive year, lots of quilters are talking about “focus”, “just get it done” and other such uplifting things. Here at  C&B Enterprises we have LOTS of plans for 2011 and, between us, we’ve made a pretty good start.  Chris has managed to re-enter her sewing room (you will remember that she was having difficulties with the amount of stuff in it not matching the amount of space in it) and has whipped up yet another quilt top.  She is quilting this even as we write (which explains a lot) so pictures were unavailable at the time of going to press.  In the sorting out phase Chris made various heaps of tops to quilt, projects to finish – you know the sort of thing

above are just the quilt tops, there’s a second heap of projects/blocks/bits  waiting for some attention

and has made a non-resolution that she should finish up a few of them before the year is out.  Despite some fairly persistent nagging she has resolutely refused to provide an actual count of just how many tops and projects there are, which was probably quite a smart move.

Barbara’s January list is made  –  our first Saturday class is “Your starter for Nine” and the sample and worksheet for this is top of her list – here’s the starting block and some of the work in progress

Our evening classes also start this month so there’s plenty of preparation to be done for these as well.   Barbara has been busy wielding the spray starch and rotary cutter during her retreats from the seasonal festivities.  Without giving too much away, this may provide a clue as to the topic for the first class

We’re off to have our first coffee business  meeting of the New Year tomorrow – happy quilting to all!


4 thoughts on “2011 well under way

  1. Happy New Year to everyone. Get the Jaffa Cakes in for Feb. Can’t say much, got to catch a ship to the Caribbean.

  2. I’m sure that Chris will be able to fit in those UFOs in the next week or two, would she like any of mine to finish?!! Glad to see that your hands are not idle either Barbara. Meanwhile I am still procrastinating.

  3. I am the world’s worst at keeping New Year’s resolutions, so I stopped making them. Until a few years ago, when I came up with one to help me cope with a mounting pile of UFO’s. Before I can start a new quilt (buying fabric for one, cutting one, etc), I have to finish a UFO. The size doesn’t matter nor does how much work is left to do. The point is to FINISH one. This might not be the solution for everyone, but is really works for me.

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