Not yet New Year

 – but now that most of Staffordshire has thawed out and there is less snow around, we’ve had a vital committee meeting to decide who is doing what for which class in 2011.  Being in a positive frame of mind, we’ve taken the snow off the blog (in case it tempts further real snowfalls), and changed the header (did you notice?) to something a little more appropriate. 

Here at C&B Enterprises we’re busy shuffling files back and forth in our beloved DropBox in readiness for the next Mystery Monday – we’re hoping to start again somewhere around the middle of January.  Barbara is frantically trying to finish up a quilt that should have been ready for Christmas Day – further drama and much gushing of water from burst pipes rather put paid to her original schedule.  This was a further burst from the same (repaired) source as before – 2 lots of heavy indoor waterfall and attendant mess are not good for a quilter’s health or temper!  Over at her house Chris is making repeated efforts to get into her sewing room but hasn’t quite managed to throw enough stuff out    clear sufficient working space as yet.  Perhaps more coffee and medically essential chocolate will do the trick ….

May your New Year be filled with lots of good quilty things!


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