Classes, coffee, cupcakes and chaos

Chris’s class for Pollyanna Patchwork in Eccleshall tackled Dresden Plates and Fans on Thursday. Proceedings were somewhat enlivened by a power cut in the morning, but fortunately we were cutting out, not stitching.  Starching and pressing the fabric  proved challenging though, as we all kept forgetting the iron wasn’t working.  A snow fall  in the afternoon had us watching anxiously through the windows in case we felt we needed to make a swift getaway, but it didn’t settle.  So – plenty of potential chaos, but it wasn’t too bad in the end – and neither were the blocks.

And so to Friday – coffee and cupcakes day!  Alison had gone to a wedding so Jenny did sterling work in charge of the coffee machine, hospitality and sales.  And the cupcakes this week weren’t …

…they were mini parcels of Christmas cake! Barbara had brought along the latest issue of Quilters Newsletter magazine which has some brilliant ideas in – Chris went home with fabric, the magazine and a buzzing head … good thing she was wearing the perfect coat for fabric shopping –

– we probably always knew that so-called “poacher’s pockets” in her winter coat would come in handy!  (and she did pay for the fabric before slipping it into the pocket)

And the chaos?  Well, its the end of term – all the boxes of class work, Blue Peters, samples, irons, extension leads, and other paraphenalia of teaching are scattered about the sewing rooms and other nooks and corners. They need to be ‘put away’ so sewing rooms can be used (to make more class samples and Blue Peters for next term) and the houses readied for festivities – it doesn’t look good for guests to be falling over boxes of irons. And if they’re family, they do tend to look askance at one’s crumpled appearance and enquire why there are so many ironing boards and irons, all apparently unused.

With apologies for the quality of the photos – they’re taken on Chris’s ancient mobile phone in the absence of anything more sensible (like a proper camera).


2 thoughts on “Classes, coffee, cupcakes and chaos

  1. Love the colours in the bottom DP. The cakes look yum as always too. My dog coat has poachers pockets too but the stuff in them is never that nice!

  2. That definitely looks like a coat worth having. Lovely DPs, especially the last one. Any of those yummy cakes make it into your pockets or did you eat them all?

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