Mystery Monday 3 – week 6

Well it’s Week 6, and we are very close to  that festive time of year (again!).  It’s also the final step of this particular Mystery (apart from borders, quilting and binding). Download this week’s instructions here.

First – find your Unit 1 squares.

Cut smaller squares in half diagonally.

Cut large square in 4 diagonally.

Stitch small triangle to one side of one block and large triangle to opposite side.

Repeat with another block.

Stitch remaining large triangles to two opposite sides of remaining block.

Stitch rows together.

Stitch remaining 2 small triangles to corners. Press.

Add borders to complete your table runner if you wish.

If you have been careful with your cutting of B you should have enough left to cut 2 half-square triangles from a 10⅞” square to add to the ends of your runner to make them pointed, if you prefer.

To finish, quilt and bind your runner.

Place it on the Christmas table with a feeling of considerable and justified pride .

Have a good Christmas!  Mystery Monday is going off the air now for a well-deserved break until the New Year (while we all finish and quilt our Mysteries).  There’ll doubtless be non-Mystery blog posts to keep you up to date with our quilting plans and adventures over the next couple of weeks – and we’d love to see pictures of  Mystery Monday projects as they progress.


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