Procrastination rules again

Keen cupcake followers will be thrilled to know that we made it to the weekly coffee and calories session at Pollyanna Patchwork – a most festive selection was on offer this time and it was really hard to choose

Chris has retreated to her nice warm sewing room where she is plotting and stitching all sorts of things and Barbara (in a less warm sewing room) can’t make up her mind which heap to tackle first – should it be her daughter’s wedding signature blocks?

or the heap of assorted filing and other important paperwork?

What about getting on with the current step for the Stay at home Robin?

Then again, there’s a whole batch of Sampler blocks that could be put together now that a plan has been made

And, of course, there are many other heaps of “begun” projects that would benefit from some time … who knows if anything will get done??


3 thoughts on “Procrastination rules again

  1. I do wish you would stop showing the lovely cupcakes. I still can’t get out of the drive let alone to Eccleshall! As for what to do next, just go with what you feel like doing at the time, apart from the paperwork it all looks interesting.

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