Catching up – in the snow

Yes, we know everyone else has posted snowy pictures and we’ve all got rather tired of the disruption of the white stuff, but more than an inch of snow means that we can stay warm at home and get on with sewing and other important things.  Here’s a snowshot from Chris followed by one from Barbara –

We were quite concerned that the bad weather might affect our EQ class on Saturday but nearly everyone made it and we had a toasty warm day with lots of cake and seasonal mince pies.  The little patio area outside only needed a few lights to turn it into full festive glory –

We didn’t have wintry weather for our Christmas Surprise class last month thank goodness  – just a full house and lots of cheery Christmas themed fabrics being chopped up and stitched back together again.  We were too busy handing out mince pies to take the customary “happy class” picture towards the end of the day but here are some glimpses of work in progress – and no, your eyes do not deceive you, one of our ladies is a mega-keen hand stitcher and keeps up with the machine mob very well!

We also need to catch up on the cupcake front – all this cold weather makes you hungry! – before we see if we can ski down to Pollyanna Patchwork to sample this week’s selection.

So, we’re off to the peace and quiet of our respective sewing rooms for some serious quilting time – in the meantime we hope you stay warm and safe.


One thought on “Catching up – in the snow

  1. Lovely snowy pictures but when is it going to stop? Christmas Special was great fun and mine is layered and pinned ready to quilt so I really should get on. You put snow on your blog!!!!!

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