Mystery Monday 3 Week 4

A little bit more sewing and another unit this week.  Download printable instructions here.

You will need the D and E rectangles you cut in Week 2

Unit 3

Cut each rectangle in half diagonally (all in the same direction!).

Stitch each D triangle to an E triangle.

You will need to offset the triangle points by the seam allowance to ensure a good fit. You may prefer to mark the seam allowances on the wrong sides of the triangles and pin at the intersections.

Stitch the seam, press, open out, press, and trim ears to complete.

Make 12 of unit 4.  Put to one side.  Await further instructions!


3 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 3 Week 4

  1. Sorry, the link seems to have been lost – I’ll see what I can do … If all else fails I’ll put it up on the website on the News and Free Patterns pages.

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