Sixty thousand quilters can’t be wrong

A hugely overdue post reflecting just a little of Barbara’s adventures in Houston – official figures released yesterday reveal that attendance figures over the four days of Festival were a record 60,000 plus, there was a significant increase in class numbers, even more vendors, and a good time was had by all.  There is always so much to see and do that it’s impossible to do it all – here are just a few highlights:

UK teachers Karin Hellaby and Jennie Rayment  were in fine form at the Sampler sessions – they’re in there somewhere among the crowd!

Intrepid roving reporter for Popular Patchwork , Gillian Cooper, was spotted looking colourful, cheerful and elegant

Close-up detail of a section of Sharon Schamber’s  winning quilt “Mystique”

and the merest suggestion of how big this show actually is – part of one of the main “runways” through the merchant section on setup day

Great new rotary cutting tool from Sue Pelland pictured here at the end of a very successful show

and Barbara’s friend Debbie Wendt looks happy at the end of four days selling her Brilliant Bindings tool

Walking out for lunch in the park opposite the George R Brown Convention Centre produced a canine surprise – the park has been revamped and developed over the past few years and is now a popular downtown feature with its very own dog park – we wonder if this will ever catch on in the UK??

And somehow a zebra was lurking in the reflections seen from the hotel window

Back at the show there were wonderful quilts of every age and style imaginable, from Baltimore to Samplers, Art and Innovation –  

Stanza della Signatura by Carol Moellers and Tim Juhl

Sandstorm over the White Desert by Jennie Bowker

Ruffled Feathers by Roxanne Nelson – amazing raw edge applique, mostly batik fabrics, incredibly lifelike.

Spring is just around the corner by Saradean Hallman – great fun!

Run!Run! Run! by Hiroko Miyama  (perhaps they saw the dog biscuit machine?)

Another fabulous quilt from Marilyn Badger and Claudia Clark Myers – Barbara has temporarily mislaid the title in all the excitement

Alphaba’at Sampler by Janet Stone – what a fabulous idea! full of fun and amazing details.

Some of the antique/vintage  and Baltimore quilts on exhibit may show up on Barbara’s blog when she finally gets around to putting a post together. 

Back on the home front we’re getting things together for the Electric Quilt class on Saturday and hoping that the weather doesn’t intervene.  Barbara is still way behind on practically everything, including blog posts, and Chris is working flat out on a magazine project, having recovered from a full house  for our Christmas Surprise class last Saturday.  Before there is any further shilly-shallying and messing about, we’re going to press Publish – more soon!


3 thoughts on “Sixty thousand quilters can’t be wrong

  1. All I can say is wow, those appliqued quilts are amazing, they look like paintings! Struggling as I am with my evening class applique of leaves, I am full of respect for these awesome works of art. Thank you for sharing them with us, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Fantastic photos, not quite as good as the real thing no doubt but at least you have let us share your visit. That parrot is amazing and I love Jenny Bowker’s work.

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