Mystery Monday Step 1

Are you ready to start the final Mystery Monday of 2010?

You will need fabric B. Take care when cutting as you will need more of this fabric for the next step; and you may find you want to use some extra at the end … Download a printable version of this week’s instructions here.

From B cut 1 square – 15½ inches square

You can either use the lines on the cutting mat to help you cut a square this size or if you fold your fabric in four to make a square measuring 7¾ inches (or slightly more) then cut (to 7¾ inches) and unfold you will (magically) have a 15½ inch square. NB. Make sure the folds are to the bottom and to your left, then cut along the right hand edge and across the top – otherwise you will find you have cut four 7¾ inch squares (and how do we know …?!).

Again, from B cut 2 squares – 8 inches square.

If your ruler is not big enough – either fold and cut as before, but this time a 4 inch square; or use the lines on the cutting board.

Put all these squares to one side until needed….

… in a safe place – not the top of the freezer in a dark corner of a dark kitchen!


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