Coffee, cupcakes and classes

Friday morning and back to Eccleshall to sample the cupcakes again. Well, someone has to do it!

Just as we felt we really ought to go (before the traffic warden did his rounds) a Rep arrived with two cases of samples. We were very late running back to the cars. If Alison listened to us (you didn’t, did you, Alison?) she’ll be very broke. But the shop would be full (very full) of beautiful fabrics.

But, back where we ought to be, which is doing a bit of teaching and the like. Some lovely blocks came in from the Wednesday evening class. Here’s just a few of them ..

We had a look at machine quilting with and without a walking foot and at the different ways to achieve a quilted texture – in the ditch, or outline quilting …  scribbles or more controlled free machine quilting … draw a design first, or just go … And then a lesson in hand quilting was requested. Barbara is away. Oh. Chris demonstrated. We’ll wait ’til Barbara is back, but Chris thought they all did really well. Alison (Pollyanna Patchwork) came and helped and made coffee and washed up while everyone sat around the table hand-quilting their sandwiches and having a good natter.

On Thursday, having found her camera, Chris remembered to take it to her class for Pollyanna Patchwork in Eccleshall. The sampler quilt class has moved to a new venue, with much better light, but fewer big tables. Once again, some lovely homework was produced from the last few weeks. Great fun was had with the dreaded curved seam and Drunkards Path block.

Once everyone had had a go, Chris produced her free gift for each student – a piece of fabric with huge circles printed on it; ideal for cutting up into faux blocks.

That’s all folks! The weekend is taken up with the quilt show at Bradley, near Gnosall – Chris is demonstrating both days and will be joined by Ann Jermey on Sunday. And then it will be Mystery Monday. Again.


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