Conkers …??

As you may have seen from the comment under the last post about coffee and cupcakes Chris has found her camera (hoorah – and thank you – must have put it down to pick something else up)  and been accused of losing her marbles as the house is full of conkers. There is a reason …

Sometime ago there was a rumour that spiders didn’t like conkers and wouldn’t stay in a room that had conkers in it. Having woken with a start some weeks ago in the early hours of the morning and come face to face (literally) with a humungous house spider on the pillow (half Staffordshire is probably still deaf as a result) Chris decided to see if it was true. Clutching a trusty carrier bag she went in search of conkers – why were they all in the middle of cowpats? Trying a different venue, nice clean shiny conkers were found (don’t children collect them anymore?), taken home and scattered about the place. And the spiders? Well none have been seen since, certainly no large house spiders and there’s usually one or two galloping about the place or lurking on the ceiling above your head waiting to pounce, but … the conkers are now covered in spider webs. Hmmm. A better experiment needs to be devised. Anyone else tried the conker method? Does it work? Or is Chris, indeed, bonkers? On second thoughts, don’t answer that!

Of course the scattering of conkers about the house could also explain why Chris has returned from Malvern with lots of Autumnal fabrics – shades of brown and swirls … just like shiny new conkers in fact.Fabrics which have been added to the ever-growing stash of autumn shades – another large quilt will have to be made to justify it all.

And there is one taking shape in EQ. All that’s needed in a little time … and that is another matter….

Sandwiches (of the quilt variety) have been made for Wednesday evening’s machine quilting class and walking feet found for the machines; Drunkards Path samples are being put together for Thursday’s class in Eccleshall for Pollyanna Patchwork and the workbook for the EQ class on Nov 27th (a couple of places still left!) is almost completed. Not to mention the worksheet and sample for the Christmas Surprise workshop at Tittensor on the 20th.  Plus, of course Mystery Monday 3 – mustn’t forget that. It’s all go at C&B Enterprises!


5 thoughts on “Conkers …??

  1. I was having a blind measured a couple of weeks ago and the man spotted the little bowl of conkers on the table that I had just blogged about. He said his gran had always had them around the house and when he told his 6 year old daughter she went around the garden chasing spiders, conkers in hand. He didn’t have the heart to tell her they were probably more scared of the lumbering human attached to the conker.

    House spiders I can cope with. Wolf spiders are another matter. They should only reluctantly be found in the bath, not on the book beside my bed like last week. Perhaps it liked reading Philippa Gregory but I’d prefer it bought it’s own copy.

  2. If the conkers, work good for you. I live in harmony with mine until they get too big and then I pick them up and put them out to make their own way in the world – a bit like children I suppose. Love that tile next to the conker and your Malvern fabrics.

    • A conker is the brown nut found inside the prickly green seed case of the horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum). John Tradescant found the tree in America and brought it back to Britain where it became very popular for its ‘candles’ of white or pink flowers. Small boys (and girls – and indeed bigger boys and girls) have long collected conkers, threaded them onto string and played a game with them to see who has the strongest conker. Pickling them in vinegar, baking them in the oven and other nefarious tricks being seen as cheating but nevertheless carried on. There is a national, and worldwide conker championship played each year – As for spiders – they are huge and hairy and horrible! Small ones I can cope with, harvestmen spiders I can cope with, but huge hairy ones that stand on tiptoe and glare you … no!


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