Mystery Monday # 3

Yes, we know you haven’t recovered from the last one yet but we thought we’d better get started with MM3 so you’re in with a chance of finishing it for Christmas. So – your Needs List is as follows :

A – 1 fat quarter – main or feature fabric

B – 0.75m (3/4 yd) – this will be the background fabric – we recommend very pale

C – 1 fat quarter – should be distinct and different from A

D – 1 fat quarter – from the same colour family as C

E – 1 fat quarter – strong contrast to all other colours (eg white/yellow)

You will probably want to add a border and binding, so choose A, C or D and buy 0.5m (1/2 yard) of it, rather than a fat quarter, for the border and the same amount (o.5m/1/2yd) of a fabric for the binding.

It may help if you label your fabrics with a sticky note before we start cutting. And to help with your choices – here’s our fabric choice (from A on the left to E on the right ‘cos we haven’t labelled ours, have we!)

This one is small (honest) and fairly simple (really and truly).

See you next Monday when we’ll start cutting. Oh … and you can download a printable version of the Needs List here.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Monday # 3

  1. Very sad I know but I’ve been sitting here sorting correspondence and checking to see if you were going to post today or next week. I wouldn’t have sat here all week though. I think you have given me a habit.

    Just off to see what fabrics I have…….

  2. I really must get on and finish the other two but still can’t resist starting this one anyway. Just a query D is one fat quarter from the same colour family as d? Did you mean C, looking at your selection it would seem to be the right one?

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