More coffee

Despite Barbara’s absence Chris has felt it necessary to keep up the caffeine intake, so off to Alison’s (Pollyanna Patchwork) in Eccleshall for coffee and cupcakes this morning. Chocolate cupcakes today! No photos as Chris’s camera is awol; in a ‘safe place’ probably. And probably somewhere in the kitchen which has no light, it having gone bang quite spectacularly a few days ago, and it is thus somewhat dark and gloomy.  Blame the mice, which seem to be coming indoors and chewing everything. However all was light and bright at Alison’s where Jenny was cutting up the latest fabric delivery into fat quarters. There were some very yummy ones from Benartex so Chris has just downloaded the jpegs from their website to play with on EQ before cutting into the real stuff. And then its off to Malvern in the morning … ! Well, if Barbara can go to Houston …


3 thoughts on “More coffee

  1. ….. and by the miracles of mobile technology Barbara is able to check up on the caffeine levels being maintained back home! When the camera battery is fully charged some pictures may show up too.

  2. Try on top of the freezer for your camera?? I have no idea why it was there, and thought it best not to ask, but that’s where it was a couple of weeks ago. (After discovering a small pile of conkers in the corner of every room I thought the location of the camera was probably the least of my concerns about your sanity…) Love from your favourite (i.e. only!) daughter…

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