Mystery Monday Step 10

At last! – its time to put the blocks together so retrieve your X, Y and Z bags from wherever you last stowed them for safe-keeping and empty them onto the nearest surface.

You can download printable instructions here.

You should have a total of 25 blocks –

1 X1 blocks                   4 Y1 blocks                  4 Z blocks

4 X2 blocks                   8 Y2 blocks               4 X3 block

Your quilt top is 5 blocks across by 5 blocks down.

Let’s start with the X blocks –

X2 are the four corners

X3 blocks go in the centre of each side

and X1 in the centre

Now turn the X2 blocks so that the A triangle corners point to the centre. Do the same with the X3 blocks.

Next it’s the turn of the Y blocks.

Place the Y2 blocks in the sides, turning the A triangles towards the centre.

Place the 4 Y1 blocks around the centre square so that the A Flying Geese units touch the centre.

And finally place the 4 Z blocks in the remaining gaps

Check that your blocks are in the right places and correctly aligned. The grey shows where A should be.

And its time to stitch them together – into pairs, into rows etc.  We like to press one set of seams before going on to make the next set and then give the completed top a final press.


We haven’t given any instructions for borders – by the time you arrive at this stage we think you might like to take a good look at the top and decide on number and width of borders according to what you think looks best.  As a guide we’re going to suggest perhaps two borders, one inner and narrow and one outer and wider, perhaps 2inches and 5inches……………..

Then again you might just prefer to lie down in a darkened room for a day or two!  And breathe in and out a few times to prepare for Mystery Monday 3 – rumour has it that, by way of contrast, our 3rd Mystery project will be much simpler and smaller, with less cutting and piecing and would look good done in seasonal colours.


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