Mystery Monday Step 9

Can you believe it – we’re already at Step 9!

You can download a printable version here.

You will need Bag Z.  In there you should find –

16 Flying Geese (Unit 2) ABD  

32 Half Square Triangles (Unit 3) – 16 AD and 16 EB

Stitch the AD Unit 3 half square triangles into pairs then into 4 Pinwheel squares.

Stitch an EB Unit 3 half square triangle to each end of an DBA Flying Geese Unit 2.  Make 8.

Stitch a DBA Flying Geese Unit 2 to two opposite sides of each Pinwheel – making sure you match fabrics A and D.

Stitch the half square triangle/Flying Geese units to the remaining sides of the Pinwheels; again take care to match up fabrics A and D. Make 4.

Congratulations! You have just made Block Z.

Put the 4 blocks into Bag Z ready for next week.

The Double Check:

Bag X should now contain – 1 Block X1; 4 Block X2; 1 Block X3.

Bag Y should now contain – 4 Block Y1; 8 Block Y2

Bag Z should now contain – 4 Block Z


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