Mystery Monday Step 7

We’re not sure who is responsible for time rushing by so quickly that it seems there are at least two Mondays to a week, but it’s already time for the next step in our second Mystery Monday project.  This week there’s another block to put together. You can download a printable set of instructions here.

For this step you will need Bag Y. In it you should have –

48 Flying Geese Units (Unit 2) – 44 BDB; 4 AB

48 Half –Square Triangles (Unit 3) – 16 EB; 32 AB

12 Four X (Unit 4) – 8 AEC; 4 AC

NB – B = cream/background.

Stitch an AB Unit 3 to each end of a BDB Flying Geese unit as shown. Press seams.

Make 4

Position Alert : Take careful note which way the triangles are facing.

Now Stitch a BDB Flying Geese unit to both A sides of an ACCA Hourglass unit.  Press seams.

Make 4.

Position Alert:  Be sure to have D against A as shown here.

Stitch an AB Unit 3 to each end of an BAB Flying Geese unit as shown.  Press seams.

Make 4.

Position Alert: Note which way the triangles are facing.

Stitch an AB/BAB/AB unit to one C side of ACCA Four X unit

Stitch AB/BDB/AB unit to the remaining C side of the Four X unit.

Congratulations! You have just made Block Y1.

Press and trim.

Make a total of 4 blocks and put them back into Bag Y

Double check:

Bag X should now contain – 1 Block X1; 4 Block X2; 4 Block X3.

Bag Y should now contain – 4 Block Y1; 32 Unit 2 Flying Geese Units BDB; 32 Unit 3 Half –Square Triangles – 16 EB; 16 AB; 8 Unit 4 Four X AEC

Bag Z should now contain – 16 Unit 2 ABD; 16 Unit 3 EB; 16 Unit 3 AD

We’re off to drink more coffee and finish up the samples for this week’s classes – happy stitching!


5 thoughts on “Mystery Monday Step 7

  1. Right, done that. I hope you’re right this week!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (First picture has a postit on wrong orientation, but I can live with that. ;-0,) NOW I jhust noticed you instructions here are different to the download ones!!!!! Result is the same though phew.

    Could you also tell me what the finished block size is supposed to be for squaring up. Mine never match anyone else’s.

  2. I’ve got as far as week 5 (although mostly during week 6), I thought I could cope with week 6 and then week 7 happened. I’ve now bottled it, and will be going on my holidays for a fortnight to muster the courage to contine 🙂 I’ll be back for week 10 (when I’ll be another 4 weeks behind…..) help.

  3. Sorry – the photos for the Flying Geese units got switched round somewhere between the pdf and the blog post. They are now switched back and the instructions match the photos! Hope that makes things a lot clearer.
    Block size is 8 inches finished; 8.5 with seam allowance.
    Belinda, you are not alone. I’ve only managed to get as far as choosing the fabrics and putting them in a heap with the instructions. One day … !

  4. I think you are all wonderful to have got so far, and reading the comments each week cheers me no-end. All I have done it to down load each week and file away for a time in the future when life is slower (in my dreams!!!!)

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