Mystery Monday Step 6

 Step 6 already!  You will be pleased to know that you have finished cutting  up fabric – now there’s only joining it all back together again.  You can download a printable version of this week’s instructions here.

This week we will be working with the contents of Bag X.

In it you should have 18 Unit 1 squares and 36 Unit 5 half-square-triangles

Begin with the Unit 5 squares.

Stitch 4 BC squares as shown – first into pairs then into 4 to make a Pinwheel block.

Make 8 Pinwheel blocks

In the same way stitch the 4 DA squares together to make a Pinwheel block. Follow the photos carefully to be sure your fabric placements are correct.

Cut all the Unit 1 squares in half diagonally.

Take the AD Pinwheel and stitch C triangles to the four sides. Press carefully and trim. This is Block X1 – which may have an important role later on – so label it now.

TIP:  Things seem to go more smoothly if you add triangles in a sequence of opposite pairs rather than working around the block.  You’ll find that there is a small overlap when you align the triangle which is perfectly ok and gives a guide for seam allowance.

Take a BC Pinwheel block and stitch an E triangle to 3 sides and an A triangle to the fourth side. Press carefully and trim. 

Make a total of 4 of these blocks.  These will be Block X2. You may like to label them now, rather than later.

Take a BC Pinwheel and stitch an A and E triangle to opposite sides.   Stitch second A and E triangles into position as shown

Press carefully and trim.

Make a total of 4 of these blocks. These can now be labelled Block X3

Put these newly-created and labelled blocks back in Bag X and breathe a sigh of relief.

This week’s double check:   

Bag X should now contain –  1 Block X1; 4 Block X2; 4 Block X3.

Bag Y should now contain – 44 Unit 2 BDB; 4 Unit 2 ABA; 16 Unit 3 EB; 32 Unit 3 AB;

8 Unit 4 CECA; 4 Unit 4 CACA

Bag Z should now contain – 16 Unit 2 ABD; 16 Unit 3 EB; 16 Unit 3 AD

Happy stitching!


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