Layer Cakes and Lucky the Cat

Full house again on Saturday for our Layer Cake class with everyone brandishing their Layer Cakes and/or selection of 10inch squares and raring to go.  A speedy demonstration of two very different Layer Cake patterns from Barbara, complete with handouts, and everyone was suddenly marking and stitching with lots of enthusiasm and chatter.   Proceedings were (almost) interrupted with the delivery to the hall of the champagne, wine and glasses for the 90th Birthday Party the following day for Barbara’s mother.  Everyone was concentrating so hard that healthy thirsts were developed and Chris spent a lot of time in the kitchen brewing up and washing up – a formidable act that she went on to repeat behind the scenes at the party the next day!  Everyone chose to work with the same pattern which we had developed from Debbie Caffrey’s book “It’s Hip to be Square”  and it was great fun to see just some of the possibilities developing as the day progressed. 

So here are some glimpses around the classroom, beginning with  Anthea’s yummy scrap quilt, followed by Margery’s Barjelly quilt, both admired at lunchtime Show & Tell –


Several of us were somewhat distracted from time to time by the presence of a very sweet black cat who was determinedly “on guard” just outside the main door to the hall.  He was quite anxious to come in and show what a good quilter he was, but settled instead for being outside with various surreptitious handouts from chicken sandwiches and a small saucer of milk.  An impromptu cat committee met and discussed the situation in depth.  It was decided that he was possibly a stray and that one of our number would post a notice on the hall door and take him home for safekeeping.   And the story does have a happy ending, as you may have seen from the comments on this week’s Mystery Monday post –  Lucky (for it is he) lives only 2 streets away from the hall and has a long career of trying to convince people that he is desperate for a new home.  Even as you are reading this he is back in his “proper” home, probably planning another charm attack on the unwary …

Our new evening class starts tomorrow, Chris’s new Sampler class starts on Thursday, our Log Cabin Bag class is on Saturday – and somehow we also have to find enough time to get through our usual levels of coffee and cake.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!


3 thoughts on “Layer Cakes and Lucky the Cat

  1. My daughter Liz and I delivered Lucky home on Monday evening, to a very grateful and relieved owner. Not 2 streets away but in the very next street to the village hall, Sutherland Avenue, where he shares his home with a very friendly German Shepherd Dog and equally friendly Lassie Collie, also 2 other younger cats. I assured Anne, his owner, that I wasn’t some mad catnapping old woman, and that his ‘rescue’ was done with all best intentions. All that said I would have been very happy for him to have shared my home, he was absolutely delightful to have around.

  2. Thanks for the update, Kate. I wonder if it was the 2 younger cats that ‘forced’ Lucky out. I used to have a moggy, Pickles, but when I got 2 Burmese she ‘moved out’ to next door and never set foot into our house again. She used to come to kitchen door, though, for her chicken livers and I had to leave them on drive for her to eat. No way would she come into house for them!!!!

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