Mystery Monday Step 5

The last of the cutting! You can download a printable version of this week’s instructions here.

This week you will need Fabrics A, B, C & D

Unit 5. More half-square triangles.

Take careful note of the fraction involved in the measurement this week – we really do mean ⅝”

Cut 2, 3⅝” squares of A and then cut diagonally into two (4 triangles)

Cut 16, 3⅝” squares of B and then cut diagonally into two (32 triangles)

Cut 16, 3⅝” squares of C and then cut diagonally into two (32 triangles)

Cut 2, 3⅝”squares of D and then cut diagonally into two (4 triangles)

Stitch the B and C triangles together into 32 squares

Press and trim “ears”

Stitch the D and A triangles in the same way to make 4 squares.

Press and trim “ears”

Put all half-square triangle units into Bag X.

This week’s double check:

Those three bags continue to fill up

Bag X should now contain – 18 of Unit 1; 32 Unit 5 B/C; 4 Unit 5 A/D

Bag Y should now contain – 44 Unit 2 BDB; 4 Unit 2 ABA; 16 Unit 3 EB; 32 Unit 3 AB;

8 Unit 4 CECA; 4 Unit 4 CACA

Bag Z should now contain – 16 Unit 2 ABD; 16 Unit 3 EB; 16 Unit 3 AD

See you next week for Step 6 – happy stitching!


5 thoughts on “Mystery Monday Step 5

    The Black Cat from Saturday’s workshop is to be re-united with his owner this evening! He is called – wait for it – LUCKY! He is 18 years old, often has a cold and is a regular at the vets. He lives 2 streets away from Tittensor Village Hall, and is a frequent visitor there particularly on Brownies night when he gets lots of fussing. He also visits the local school on a regular basis for even more fussing! Just so glad we know who he is, although I was kinda hoping he was going to hang out with me. So Irene, no need to bring more cat food to class on Wednesday. Love to all. Kate

    • Phew! So glad it all turned out well – how aptly named he is! Will post about Saturday’s class (and Lucky) as soon as we’re recovered from the Grand Birthday Party. B

  2. Kate, thanks for letting us know about the cat. He was in quite good condition for his age, then!!! Glad he’s is going to be reunited.


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