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Coffee and Cupcakes

Its Friday again (and how come there seem to be more Fridays in a week all of a sudden?) so off to Eccleshall and Pollyanna Patchwork for coffee and cupcakes again. Lemon ones this week.

We were a bit late arriving so a good start had already been made! We helped it along a little bit … Considerable discussion this week about cupcake flavours and could we pre-order, or should we have scorecards each week to vote for our favourites, or … actually its quite fun seeing what turns up. Then a little retail therapy (you can’t visit a quilt shop and not fondle the fabric at the very least) and back home to the reality of preparing for a class tomorrow. So Chris has spent the afternoon burrowing in her cupboard under the stairs to retrieve assorted boxes of irons and extension leads and spare sewing machines and ironing boards while Barbara has been marshalling the worksheets and samples and Blue Peters and preparing for her mother’s 90th birthday bash on Sunday. Its all go.  A quiet sit down with coffee and cake on Monday, in a cafe somewhere, will be called for! Providing we’ve remembered to put up the Mystery Monday post. And then it’ll be the preparation for the Wednesday Evening classes starting next week, and Chris’s classes for Pollyanna Patchwork start on Thursday and then Barbara’s will start a week or two after that … Another coffee and a sit down is called for – right now!

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