Mystery Monday Step 4

Can you believe it’s Monday again?  The days seem to be racing by and we’re wondering where the long lazy weeks of summer have gone (were there any in the first place? – B).   So on we march with Step 4 of our current Mystery -you can download a printable version of the instructions here.

This week you will be using Fabrics A, C and E

Unit Four. The finished size of these units is 4”.

Cut 4, 5¼” squares from A and cut in four diagonally (16 triangles)

Cut 6, 5¼” inch squares from C and cut in four diagonally (24 triangles)

Cut 2, 5¼” squares from E and cut in four diagonally (8 triangles)

Stitch all 20 A triangles to a C triangle. Stitch remaining 8 C triangles to E triangles.

NOTE:  Take care to have C always on the left as shown.

Press seams to one side – we pressed all seams towards C so that they would butt together for the next step.

Stitch CE triangles to CA triangles. Make 8.

Stitch remaining CA triangles together. Make 4.

Press all units and trim “ears” before putting all these squares in Bag Y.

Your double check:

Those three bags are filling up now

Bag X should now contain – 18 of Unit 1

Bag Y should now contain – 44 Unit 2 BDB; 4 Unit 2 ABA; 16 Unit 3 EB; 32 Unit 3 AB; 8 Unit 4 CECA; 4 Unit 4 CACA

Bag Z should now contain – 16 Unit 2 ABD; 16 Unit 3 EB; 16 Unit 3 AD

Before you know it, it will be time for Step Five – see you next week!


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