Friday coffee

Although almost every day seems to be coffee day at C&B Enterprises – all our best ideas are fueled by coffee and cake at a cafe somewhere near. Today though was ‘Coffee and Cupcakes’ at Pollyanna Patchwork in Eccleshall – set to be a Friday morning institution with any luck. We managed to get a photo of the cupcakes before they were opened (and eaten). Last week’s cupcakes had icing buttons on them – they were wonderful, but … no camera.

Then got  into the coffee queue – lots of mugs, and plenty of good coffee.

Lots of chat later and the morning had gone – again! Half way home  get a text message from Him at Home to say a large and heavy parcel had arrived from Traplet. It’s copies of our book! So now we have some to sell  as well as admire.


8 thoughts on “Friday coffee

  1. It’s a real shame, Friday is my busy day so missing out on the cupcakes!!!
    (Went to the Jennie Rayment workshop last Friday and husband had to toast 2 day old bread and put jam on it for his lunch!!!( Nothing nice to eat, as he put it.) TOLD not to do it again!!!

    Maybe some cupcakes can ordered for one of the Saturday workshops????


  2. Hope there will be a book signing at Tittensor next Sat. Don’t cancel because of the fear of protestors, there’ll only be one – some daft bat complaining because cup cakes have replaced Jaffa cakes See you jen

  3. I see your book is now listed on Amazon. However, there isn’t any information (or an author’s review) for it yet.
    Am presently trying to find an excuse for a trip ‘North’ to procure a signed copy 🙂

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