Scary Saturday

Bit of a change from last week. Chris got back from Festival and remarked to her husband that she maybe needed a new sewing machine, hers was sounding very rough. Not a wise comment to make to an engineer who enjoys a challenge. This was the result.

Hopefully by tomorrow it will be in one piece again ready to stitch back together all the lovely fabric that just somehow fell into the shopping bag!  (AaghBarbara has just found out what has happened and is trying to persuade Chris to go back to Festival of Quilts tomorrow and buy a new machine- we’ve got LOTS of stitching planned!)

But the good news is – (cue trumpet fanfare)

Our new book is out! We found it on the Traplet stand. So it is a ‘secret project’ no longer.


5 thoughts on “Scary Saturday

  1. Oh dear. My hubby is an engineer/fitter aswell but I don’t let him anywhere near my machine. He comes from the ” if all else fails hit it with a hammer” school of training ( once known as British Rail)

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Mine was in the REME – he fixed missiles and tanks and other big boys toys – who knows what fate lies in store for the sewing machine! However he has removed 8 years of oily fluff from its deepest innards and has gone in search of some special sort of oil (I don’t know, either!?) to put on some vital bit of mechanism to stop it creaking and then …. it can go back together again. I hope. Except he did say that it could be ever so easy to make a machine longer so it could be turned into a longarm machine …. !

    That’s a scarey photo! (Like some kind of Holywood line up). Poor machine. There are people who see to people who do that to machines you know.
    We are into engineering too, but leave it to others who know……

  4. Thank goodness my husband got ‘sick’ of being an engineer (he was a design engineer before retiring). Would not let him near my machine!!!!

    Now, he thinks he knows everything about computers!!!!!

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