A successful Saturday

Bliss – everyone’s gone out, next door are still away on holiday and a Bach Prom concert on Radio 3 in the sewing room – Brandenburg Concertos at full volume and no one to complain. Chris has been getting the class sample for the Grow Your Own Quilt Top class (in October) put together. (Nothing like being ahead of ourselves for once; it won’t last – B). With the aid of a little Bach and a quick visit to Alison at Pollyanna Patchwork in Eccleshall to get yet more fabric …. plenty of fabric, just not the right colour at home …. and the small sample has taken on a life of its own. Its growing! But of course a trip to the quilt shop is never that straightforward and quick. A couple of fat quarters of pinky/purply blue were required. But an hour or so of chat and exploring the shop later (and home only just in time for the concert) and a rather large bag was on the counter – not just blue, but a couple of mauves and ooh need some more white .. and the Christmas fabric has started to come in  … and … Well, you get the picture.

Here’s a taster of what Bach is responsible for today!

So – what do you listen to when sewing?


5 thoughts on “A successful Saturday

  1. Aren’t days like that fab!!

    Hmm what I listen to is one of three. Radio 4, and yes I can rant back or laugh, my iPod where I just press play and it decides what and when to play so it can be anything from Amadeus to Zeppelin and lots in between all higgledy piggledy. The final thing I listen to is silence except for me muttering or Bob whirring.

  2. Radio 4 or books down loaded from audible. Currently Scoop by evelyn waugh but usually the current book of the moment I don’t have time to read. Reading or patchwork this way I get to do both!
    But I had a great day yeaterday when I did mystry monday in a day, (not quite in the spirt of the project but no time term time) Thanks for great pattern.

  3. I just listen to the clock ticking and my sewing machine.
    Hubby is the classical music buff in our family though I must say I really enjoyed the concert from the Proms on BBC2 last night. The two special commissions inspired by Bach were excellent as was the Bach recital which they took us to in the interval. Hubby enjoys Mahler most.
    Might try having the radio on next time I sew!!!!

  4. What a great question!
    I listen to talky stuff when I am pieceing, usually Radio 4…. Radio Stoke when I am pottering, searching and deciding but for free motion quilting… Led Zeppelin… no matter how many hours I’m stitching for, Led Zeppelinn it is… quite loud too, he he he.

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