Mystery Monday forum

Chris had one of those two- o’clock-in-the-morning ideas last night.  (This could be more information than we need – B)  So in a moment of enthusiasm (?), ignorance (?) or a mixture of both, we’ve thrown technological caution to the winds and set up a mailing group /forum for those of you ‘doing’ the Monday Mystery(s).  It’s a Yahoo! group, which we will moderate so it is NOT public.  Those of you for whom Chris could find an e-mail address (it was two o’clock in the morning) will have received an e-mail invitation to join.  Apologies if you have been missed – please follow the link and join in (if you would like to).  We just felt it would be somewhere you could swap notes, howls of anguish, cries of delight, and all the other things that go with attempting to make a quilt from our instructions.  Especially when you don’t know what you’ll end up with!  Our understanding is that there should also be somewhere there where we/you can post photos as you go along too – if you find it, please use it!


4 thoughts on “Mystery Monday forum

  1. There’s too many clever clogs in this group. I had two goes at the code before I got it right. We’re sewing buffs not MI6 agents. However i too have got it done

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