Mystery Mondays Project 2

 How can it be Monday again!  We’ve obviously been too engrossed in chopping up fabric and stitching it back together again, time is flying by.  Next Monday we will be posting the first Mystery step, today is fabric requirements and general blether.

 You can see from our previous post that we got a gremlin in the works over the yardages – we really wish we hadn’t, but the good thing is that a. cutting has not yet begun and b. if you already have your fabric ready to go after last week’s post then you WILL be able to go ahead.  The only difference is that you’ll be cutting individual shapes for Flying Geese units rather than rectangles and squares.  Our instructions will cover both situations.  So before we move on to other “housekeeping” stuff relating to the Mystery, here are the revised yardages (should that be metre-age?) again:

 Fabric A  –  1 metre

Fabric B  –  1.5 metres

Fabric C  –  0.5 metres

Fabric D  –  1 metre

Fabric E  –   0.5 metres

 Barbara had a lovely time starching all her fabrics before taking the step by step pictures – here are her choices before they were given the stiffening treatment –

and you will find it REALLY helpful to make a handy reference tool

because it makes life so much easier.  Above, on the right, is the fabric that Barbara started out with, but was sidelined during the selection process, just needed to let it be seen!

 If you’re planning to join in with this Mystery please let us know with a quick comment below – we promise not to send the Quilt Police round to your house – but perhaps we might put a list of names up on the Mystery Monday page so you can see who else is suffering   stitching along.  We’ll also put in-progress photos up on this page and keep it as a place for you to comment and chat as we progress.  You’ll be able to click through to our website on the News page for downloadable instructions (we’re having a little local difficulty with links on WordPress today).

We’d like to welcome Marj who blogs as Eclectic Quilter to the Mystery Monday get-together – do visit and see all the lovely stuff she does.  Likewise Amo at View from our Hill, who is probably going to stitch with a G&T close at hand (only kidding!).


8 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays Project 2

  1. I like the idea of joining in, but I am holding back from the final plunge as I’m wondering if it would be beyond me as a newbie. Can’t wait to see what it looks like next week

    • Jane, we think you’d be fine if you worked through with care – there isn’t a time limit to joining in, so you could look at the first couple of weeks and see how you feel.

  2. Count me in (sort of). I loved the last one, it got me into making something rather than just coming to the classes. However, other things loom on the horizon- clue- Big,floats,white with a wheat coloured funnel. I shall print the instructions and may join in later, or might just send encouraging messages.

  3. You could always spend the cruising time building up your strength and then catch up when you return – !! The encouraging messages would be good too!

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