Mystery Monday – getting it right!

We’ve had a lovely time this last week, lots of coffee, brownies and earnest discussions with paper and pencil.  We also made a short trip to the Emporium of Evil otherwise known as Abakhan – Barbara wanted to see if she could find something to sash blocks for her Layer Cakes class sample – and were both totally drawn into temptation.  Chris got lots of fabrics that she “could do something with” and Barbara got lots of “useful” fabrics (but, obviously, nothing for sashing Layer Cake blocks) – we left with very heavy bags (they sell fabric by weight rather than by the yard), melted credit cards and slightly glazed expressions.  

 Having topped up our respective stashes the next item on our agenda was to make our final fabric choices for the next Mystery Monday project so that we can begin taking the step by step pictures that will be needed for each post.  And this is where, with the application of even more coffee, we discovered a small “OOOPS” in the fabric yardages we had quoted last week.  It’s not totally major but we thought it was worth re-listing and confirming the yardages before anyone commits cutter to cloth with next week’s first step.   Chris blames the ooops on being disturbed while she was doing big sums, but basically the revised yardage will take into account the speed piecing methods we will be using in our directions  rather than only allowing for shapes to be cut individually. 

We’ll post the revised list again on Monday – for anxious souls (you know who you are!) here it is in advance

Fabric A – 1 metre

Fabric B (background) – 1.5 metres

Fabric C – 0.5 metres

Fabric D – 1 metre

Fabric E – 0.5 metres

We’re off to drink more coffee and cut up some of that fabric – have a good weekend, see you Monday.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Monday – getting it right!

    • Please don’t fret! The original yardages WILL work but you will cut individual shapes and we WILL include a note for this in the step by steps. Will send a G&T by special courier if necessary …

  1. I didn’t buy any fabric on Thursday for this project as I don’t know whether I’ll start it on time!

    However, will still download instructions.

    I am still working on last ‘Monday Mystery’ and should finish it soon!!! Not putting any ‘corner stones’ on sashing but may put some on border(s).

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