Mystery Monday again – Project 2

Monday again – and the start of our next Mystery project.  Today it’s information and fabric requirements, next week (August 9th)  we’ll show our fabric choices and the first step will appear on August 16th (because that’s Festival of Quilts week we’ve made sure that the first step is quick and easy).

Our second Mystery Monday quilt top will finish 40inches square (approx) without borders.  (Borders can be added later according to your preference – we will not be giving specific border instructions). This is a brand-new Mystery created exclusively for our blog – there’s more cutting and piecing involved this time around, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just the same.


We know it’s always difficult picking out fabrics when you don’t know what the finished top will look like! 

 You will need a background fabric (light or dark); this will be Fabric B.  This should be either much lighter or much darker than any of the other fabrics you choose.  If you want the crispest effect we also recommend you choose an “almost plain”  fabric.

 You will need 4 other fabrics/colours which will contrast with B – these will be a main fabric A plus fabrics C, D and E.

 Fabrics D and E could be from the same colour family and similar in value

 Fabrics A and C could be the same colour family, but should be very different in value.

 If you’re a fan of the slightly random, scrappy look you could use fat quarters instead of yardage, but make sure that they are reasonably similar in colour and value – so, for instance, you could use two or more similar value fat quarters to make up the yardage of fabric C.

Fabric A – 1m

Fabric B – 1m

Fabric C – 0.5m

Fabric D – 0.5m

Fabric E – 0.5m

These quantities will be more than sufficient and will give you ‘leftovers’ to use in a pieced border should you wish.

 You will also need 3 clearly labelled bags or boxes to keep your units safe – we labelled ours X, Y and Z (original thinkers to the last!)


5 thoughts on “Mystery Monday again – Project 2

  1. How exciting! If I didn’t have five (yes, FIVE… ridiculous, I know) projects on the go I’d definitely be doing this too… I might need to bookmark this post for future reference… LOL!

  2. I have now printed off the requirements, just need to find some suitable fabrics. This is a great way of making a dent, albeit small, in my stash.

  3. I am going to join in on the mystery with you on the blog. Looks like it could be a wall hanging or medallion for a larger quilt. Thanks for sharing.

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