Tie and Dye

As a ‘thank-you’ to those who had consistently supported Chris and Barbara down the years (in a variety of ways!) we had a Tie and Dye Party in Chris’s garden. Fortunately, perhaps, a lot of people were on holiday so it was only a very select few who came – which meant we could all fit into the outbuildings when it rained, which it did.  It was a very informal day – Chris and Barbara provided dye, fixative, paints, stencils, stamps, paintbrushes, batik wax and the like (along with books and leaflets of ideas and instructions) and the general instruction to ‘play and experiment’. Which everyone did – as you can see from the couple of shots of the washing line Chris managed in the brief sunny interlude (which fortunately coincided with lunch).

Most things were left to ‘steep’ in the plastic bags brought for that very purpose, or were drying indoors on the airer in the kitchen – which is why there isn’t a photo of a particularly lovely batik piece, or of two panels of painted cats, or, indeed, of the paper-bag printed cat panel (never seemed to have the camera to hand when it was needed – Chris). As usual for a Chris and Barbara day, copious quantities of tea and coffee were provided (pretty much on a help-yourself basis) along with biscuits and (later on) cake. Basically a relaxing day for creative play, chat, and feeling like a five year old again!

And grateful thanks to Chris’s ‘other half’ for clearing all his stuff out of the outbuildings so we could use them. Mind you, he’s grateful too – he found all sorts of things he’d forgotten he had and after several trips to the recycling centre he now has a large, tidy work area.

PS – I seem to have gained a pair of scissors and a pack of peppermint tea!

There was £67.47 in the collection pot for the Douglas MacMillan Hospice – Thank you all very much.


3 thoughts on “Tie and Dye

  1. I’m really sad I missed this day, they’re always so much fun, but this one looks even more so.Hope we see what happens to the fabric in later days.

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