Mystery Mondays?

No – its not Monday … yet; but we’ve had a photo from Maureen (aka Dotty) of her Mystery Monday quilt top all ready to be sandwiched and quilted.

Well done, Maureen! We’re glad you enjoyed the challenge. We’ve also seen a picture of Irene’s blocks on Angie’s blog, so we know they exist!  You may remember that Maggi made two sets of blocks (and declaring herself barking mad for doing so) – you can see her first layout on her blog

If anyone else would like to send photos of their quilt tops/blocks we’d love to see them and if you’re shy about them appearing on the blog, ‘in public’, then let us know and we’ll just admire it ourselves. We’ve set up a separate blog page  for Mystery Monday photos so we’ll keep them all in one place and we’ll put them up on Flickr too when we get round to it!

We’re really pleased with the response to Mystery Monday (which originally was one of those silly ideas we are so fond of hatching over cups of coffee) and we’ve decided (over more coffee) to keep them as a regular feature. 

We plan on having the needs list for the next Mystery Monday project posted next Monday and also the Monday after (perhaps with some photos of fabrics some of you will already have chosen) and then the Mystery itself should start on Monday August 16th.  So you have time to check your stash, set up your machines and wind a few bobbins.  And we’d better stop procrastinating (but it’s what we do best – B) and get stitching.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays?

  1. Yes, Chris and Barbara, it was lovely having the ‘big’ tables to lay things out. My knees can’t take the floor anymore.

    Managed to get a quilt I had been working on for a year, laid out and ready to quilt. A free jelly roll I got from Popular Patchwork when I subscribed.

    Did you recognise the jelly roll blocks from last workshop?

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