Our giveaway winner is …

The suspense was too much – Barbara persuaded Himself to do the honours of drawing the winning name out of the hat before he’d even had his breakfast! 

So with a great imaginary fanfare, roll of drums etc we can announce that Gina is our first giveaway winner !  A package containing the giveaway goodies will soon be winging it’s way to Gina as soon as we have her regular mailing address.

Our congratulations to Gina (you’ll find her blog in our sidebar as Cat’s Whiskers) and thanks to all of you who took part.   We’re off to recover from all this excitement, back soon with news of the next Mystery Monday project and other seriously interesting stuff!


6 thoughts on “Our giveaway winner is …

  1. Congratulations Gina. I’ve just had a quick look at your blog. You seem a very appropriate winner of the cat fabrics.

  2. Congratulations, Gina. How exciting, when can we have the next competition? It’s really good fun-I love the pictures of the prize draw.

  3. wow! That´s so nice. Thank you, thank you girls. Yes I am very lucky.
    It is so nice that I am on my way to the U.K and to celebrate my return I´ll get this lovely gift.
    Thank you Chris and Barbara. I am emailing you my postal address.

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