Mystery Monday 8

We’re not sure who has stolen several weeks’ worth of time – can you believe that this is the final week of our first Mystery Monday project ?  Anyway, this is where all your hard work comes together.  You can download a printable version here.

You will need to retrieve your blocks from the ‘safe place’  you stowed them in and find yourself enough space to lay them out. A clear patch of floor perhaps, or put a plain quilt or sheet over the bed – or if you have a design wall …

And now … there are SO many options!  You should have 4 of Block 2 and 12 of Block 1 to arrange, as they say, according to your preference. You can put the 4 blocks together in the centre –

Or you can put the 4 blocks in the corners …

And, as you can see, you just twiddle the blocks around until you find an arrangement you like! If you take a photo of each arrangement you can then browse through these until you’ve made up your mind and then arrange the blocks as seen in the photo.

Then its just a matter of joining them all together.  We recommend that you stitch the blocks into pairs and then into fours. Stitch the fours into two sets of eight and finally join those to complete the quilt top. Sorry -no photos  of our blocks ‘cos we still haven’t made up our minds which arrrangement to make! (It will probably take more coffee and brownies to come to a conclusion on this).

Rather than just joining the blocks edge to edge you could also add a narrow sashing if you wish.

Then a border – with or without sashing

Finally – as it says in all the best magazines – layer the top with wadding and backing, quilt as desired and bind to finish. Don’t forget to add a hanging sleeve and a label.

So there we are!  We’d love to see pictures of your version of this Mystery Monday project (it doesn’t have to have all the blocks stitched together) –  we’ll include them in future posts (we may even give them their own page on the blog!)   If you’re wondering how you will fill your time now that this project is finished you’ll be thrilled to know that plans for the next Mystery Monday project are at a highly advanced stage and the requirements list will be posted in a couple of week’s time. 

PS  100th blog post giveaway – just a reminder that the draw for our fab. prizes is on Wednesday – to be included in the draw all you need to do is leave us a comment at the foot of that post.  Good luck!


8 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 8

  1. I have never done anything like this before, and knowing my luck this message will get lost in the ether of time and space. I am a sucker for competitions ( always trying for raffle prizes for my animal charity – that is not a bribe!) Loving the blog and I particularly like the quilt on the leading page!! Love Kate

    • Kate, let’s hope your luck holds out for the actual draw – at least your comment made it through the ether!

  2. decided on my layout Just decided to go for a walk, will finish tomorrow.
    What are we doing next week?? Sandwich or quilting

    • Done and ready to sandwich it was very kind of your to design a quilt the exact size to cover my light box oh!!! coffee table.
      Thank you.

  3. Oh dear, not only have I got to decide on a layout but also whether to combine the two colourways – this is where I start to procrastinate!

  4. Tried laying the blocks out on the bed but could see no definite pattern. The brain is in shut-down at the moment.

    However, looking at the lay out of blocks again on this blog I think I can see possibilities with the narrow sashing.

    Kate, your first blog post is great!!! Keep up the good work

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