Mystery Monday 6

OK Mystery maniacs – its Week 6 already! And, the news you’ve all been waiting for – we’re going to start putting the units together.  We hope you can remember where everything is ….

For this week’s instructions you will need 24 of Unit 1 and 24 of Unit 2 to make 12 of Block 1.

Download a printable version

Each block requires

  • Two A+B triangle units (Unit 1). Fat quarters – one Aa/B and one Ab/B unit
  • Two B+C 4patch units (Unit 2)

1. Stitch units into pairs.

2. Stitch pairs to complete block

3. Make a total of 12 Block 1. Put to one side.

So after that little flurry of activity you’ll have to wait a whole week to see what happens next.  Let us know how you’re getting on!


6 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 6

  1. I am up to date with the previous weeks, honest. I just haven’t had time to post about it. I have got all the units out ready to go but have to go to work shortly.

  2. Tuesday night and only one comment( and that’s an excuse for a lack of action) As they chant at the football, “you’ve gone very quiet over there”. Chill out guys,we’ve got ’till Sunday 23.59. Haven’t even started and I mixed up my A and C fabrics right at the start. So, I’ve had to abandon the Jaffa Cakes and take to the Gin (less sugar and you see these lovely pink elephants that would look great on point with a dark brown border) Must go. Talk to you soon

  3. Done and ready for next week. it was not football it was tennis that made me rush before now working at a slower pace. Oh no when all these are joined together sandwiching and quilting it. Ahhhh.

  4. Dotty, don’t remind me of what lies ahead, particularly when the leaders are immersing themselves in EQ7. I saw BC in Stone today, meandering up Addie’s Alley. I was wrestling two pork chops and a bag of mince off the butcher at the time so I couldn’t greet/accost her. I’m starting to pin things together. Good luck to us all.

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