Signature block – almost a tutorial

Now that Barbara has produced what feels like miles of fabric bunting (daughter’s wedding party, two week’s time, a 5 acre site to decorate) she is turning her attention to making signature blocks for a memory wallhanging as a memento of the happy day.  80 guests = 80 blocks, simple enough in the maths department.  Having given the matter a considerable amount of thought it was decided to produce a block with a signature strip rather than have guests sign strips and then try to incorporate these into blocks/quilt etc.  The original brief was for a quilt, which would have meant that the blocks would have been a manageable size; however, the brief was revised to a wallhanging rather than a quilt, which meant that the blocks had to be considerably smaller and rather less manageable.  Small always seems more fiddly somehow – and requires more accuracy, which is not where Barbara’s mind is right at the moment. 

Barbara’s hoping that this same block done in different fabrics might be suitable for the Stay At Home Round Robin she’s  following on Kate’s Quilting – Kate is a superb organiser and generator of ideas as well as a talented quilter, we thoroughly recommend regular visits to her blog.  The concept of a Stay At Home Round Robin is perfect for those of us who don’t feel able to commit time to swaps and exchanges – why not give it a try?

 Here are the steps for the signature block that Barbara made –

Cut 1x  3 1/2in square of signature fabric – pale batiks seem to be a good choice

Cut 2x squares 2 3/4in – could be the same fabric or 2 different ones

Cut 4x strips 1 1/4in x 5in – again these could be the same fabric or all different

With RS together align a 2 3/4in square with the corner of the 3 1/2in square.  Stitch on the diagonal, press, trim and flip back.

Notice all those lovely mini triangle pairs that have been trimmed off – these could all be pieced into squares for a VERY small project!  But

Repeat this step with the second 2 3/4in square, taking care to have the 2 stitched diagonals  following the same parallel direction.

Trim and square up as necessary.

Add the 1 1/4in outside strips in a rotating Log Cabin Sequence ( you could use a Courthouse Steps sequence if you prefer), pressing and trimming after each seam. 

The size of squares and strips required for this block is perfect for using up all those small pieces that have accumulated because they are too useful a size to throw away……….. and you could join 4 blocks together to make a larger block like the one above ….

Don’t forget Mystery Monday – have a good weekend.


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