Mystery Mondays 5

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, internet access and WordPress the fifth instalment of our Mystery Monday series is here, even though Chris is miles away from her usual desk at Chris&Barbara HQ.  To be absolutely sure that this post is up in good time for early bird readers Barbara has pressed “publish” at one minute after midnight.  This is useless information but somehow it seemed important!

For this week’s instructions you will need Fabrics B and C to make 8 of Unit 4.

Download a printable version here.

1. From each of Fabrics B & C cut one 4⅞” x 42″ (full width) strip

Fat quarters – use both Ca and Cb and cut 1 strip of each.

2. Pair the strips (without stitching) RS together and cut apart into 4⅞” squares. You will need a total of 4 squares of each fabric.

Fat quarters – you will need 2 squares of Ca and 2 of Cb

3. Mark a diagonal on each lighter square, then stitch ¼” away from this line on both sides.

4. Cut apart on marked line, press seams and trim away “ears”

Unit 4 is complete. Make 8 and put to one side.

We know Maureen and Maggi and Angie are stitching along – anyone else willing to own up?  No Quilt Police will visit your home …


10 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays 5

  1. Yes, I am and I’m disgusted by all this gung ho, get it done before the dawn chorus starts. I am content if it’s done by Sunday.

  2. I got Week 4 done yesterday and decided to keep caught up and managed this one this afternoon. Glad it was an easy one as on nights last night and tonight. Good to see that there are others out there following along.

    • Not sure exactly how many are following along, but can assure you that you are not alone! It may even be more than 5!

  3. Jaffa jennie, dawn chorus is at 3.00am not 6.00am.
    Week 4/5 confused, finished after breakfast 8.00am before the daily cleaning etc.
    How many more weeks to go as I am running out of some materials?

    • Maureen, not much longer to contain your curiousity! What will you do on Monday mornings when this finishes – shall we begin another mystery?

  4. Trying to catch up!!!! Jet lag lasted a week!!!! I have cut out pieces up to week 4. Looking forward to stitching!!!!

  5. Catch up completed. All stitching and pressing done. Still to cut off ‘bunny ears’ and will do that after dinner!!!

    Looking forward to next stage!!!

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