Danger – planning in progress

Even though Chris is absent with leave somewhere a long way from home, it doesn’t mean that the ceaseless toil that drives the Chris&Barbara empire has been diminished.  Before Chris left we had one full Board meeting, two Planning Committee meetings and various other focus group meetings – see if you can tell which meeting was which from the pics below.  Now  our autumn classes are sorted out, all next year’s dates awaiting confirmation, topics listed, tasks allocated and we just need to actually do some stitching and writing the worksheets.

We are also at almost the last hurdle with our Grand Project – one more stage of proofs to go and then our new book is off to the printers, so that copies can (hopefully) be in our hot little hands in time for Festival of Quilts.  Further details here once it’s signed off and gone.

For those of you who are interested in the Great Bunting Saga of 2010, we can also report that Barbara has completed more than 200yards and has accepted a most generous offer of a similar quantity from another quilter who got conned   was persuaded to produce this decorative stuff on a grand scale.  In the hunt for perfect bunting fabric Chris unfortunately was exposed to rather a lot of perfect-for-making-quilts fabric so she’s got plenty to be getting on with as soon as she returns!  We didn’t take any pictures of Chris’s fabric haul but you can get a general impression of Barbara’s production line from these pics

A good meeting at Staffs Patchworkers last night.  Our speaker was Maggi Birchenough, of To Dream To Stitch blog fame, who brought lots of her fabulous work for us to see as well as wrapfolios and hand-dyed fabrics for sale.  Barbara has always found hand-dyed fabric hard to resist and, when they’re beautifully presented like this, resistance is futile.

And before you know it, Mystery Monday will be here again!


4 thoughts on “Danger – planning in progress

  1. I’m reading this sat in the London sun and missing Staffordshire. So what is all the bunting for I wonder? Can’t wait for the book reveal. I’ll see you both at FoQ.

    • The bunting is for the daughter’s wedding party in a couple of week’s time – so far have constructed 3 seriously long lengths…

  2. How do you two manage to keep so slim on that diet? Glad you enjoyed the talk and thanks for the yarn. Can’t wait to see what the bunting is all about, and the new book.

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