Mystery Mondays 4

Not quite so much piecing for this week’s set of mysterious instructions so you should have lots of time left for your other quilting projects. 

For this week’s instructions you will need Fabrics A and B to make 4 of Unit 3.

Download a printable version here.

1. From each of Fabrics A & B cut one 2½” x 42″ (full width) strip

Fat quarters – use fabric Ad and cut 2 strips

2. Pair the strips, RS together, stitch, then press.

3. Cut eight 2½” slices

4. Rejoin the slices to make four 4-patch units

Make 4 of this unit – Unit 3 – and put to one side.

See you here next week for the next instalment.  Chris is off for a well-earned rest and change of scene down on the south coast,  Barbara is looking forward to a day at Wimbledon on Wednesday and doing a little light gardening and quilt washing (don’t ask!).

Footnote:  Barbara posted this at 20 minutes after midnight so as to be ready for any keen earlybirds (!), but WordPress’s clock keeps slightly different time and shows it being posted an hour before midnight – international time zones are a wonderful, but very confusing, thing.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays 4

  1. Finished by 6.42am i have a long strip 21inches left. I could have made the 4 4-patches with one strip from a fat quarter as long as the length was a good 21inches.
    Thanks Chris and Barbara looking forward to next week.

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