Mystery Mondays 3

It’s Week 3 and Unit 2 (you’re confused???! – Chris)

For this week’s instructions you will need Fabrics B and C to make 24 of Unit 2.

Download a printable version here.

1. From each of Fabrics B & C cut 3 strips 2½” x 42″ (full width strips) – a total of 6 strips.

Fat quarters – use both Ca and Cb, cutting 4 strips from each.

2. Pair the strips (B/C) RS together and seam into 2-strip sets

3. Spray starch if desired before pressing seams to one side or open according to preference.

4. Measure and cut the bands apart into 2½” slices. You will need a total of 48 slices.

Fat quarters – you will need 24 slices of B/Ca and 24 of B/Cb

5. Rejoin pairs of slices to make a total of twenty four 4-patch units.

Fat quarters – join slices of B/Ca to B/Cb

6. Press units and set aside. Keep them in a safe place – Chris has ‘lost’ just one of Unit 1!

That’s Unit 2 made! What do yours look like?


2 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays 3

  1. I have been waiting since 5.00am for this blog. Must do cutting before tennis starts. Enjoying the mystery Chris and Barbara. Can’t wait until next week.

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