Mystery Monday 2

Its Week 2 of Mystery Mondays and we start cutting up our fabrics and making units.

Download a printable version.

For this week’s instructions you will need Fabrics A (Aa, Ab and Ac) and B to make 28 of Unit 1.

1. From each of Fabrics A & B cut 2 strips 4⅞” x 42″ (full width strips). We’ve used yellow sticky notes to label our fabrics and to mark the correct measurement on the ruler.

If using fat quarters, cut 2 strips from Aa and Ab and 1 from Ac.

2. Pair strips (A/B) RS together, measure and cut apart into fourteen pairs of 4⅞” squares – NB do not stitch strips.

Fat quarters – You will need 6 pairs of Aa/B, 6 of Ab/B and 2 of Ac/B.

3. Mark a diagonal on WS of each lighter square, then stitch ¼” away from this line on both sides.

4. Cut on marked diagonal, press seams to one side or open, trim off all “ears” and set aside

The Mystery will continue next Monday with Unit 2.


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