Mystery Mondays

Its Week One  and the mystery begins. The project is fairly simple so is suitable for beginners, but others will find something for them too as the weeks progress.

You will need

  • 1m Fabric A = main dark fabric (or fat quarters of similar fabrics – Aa, Ab, Ac, Ad)
  • 1m Fabric B= background fabric
  • 0.5m Fabric C= main medium fabric (or fat quarters of similar fabrics – Ca, Cb)


Note 1: Big/important/medium scale prints would work well for A and C.  A small print/tone-on-tone/almost plain/marble would be good for the background.

A & C should contrast well with each other and both should be quite distinct from B.

Note 2: Fabric yardages given are generous – you should have enough for borders or binding as well.

You can download a printable version here

Here’s a couple of  ideas from our stash

There are more ideas in the downloadable file.

Alison from Pollyanna Patchwork has been putting some suitable fabrics together as well, so if you don’t find just what you need in your stash – you know who to call!

Step 1 next week – see you here ….  same day, same place.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Mondays

  1. I am intrigued by the colour combinations. I think this is an opportunity to take out the box marked” Why on earth did I buy this?” and transform some unloved fabrics into a thing of interest.

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