Open Day – afterwards

Chris had taken great care to book good weather for our Open Day so there were no problems getting everything in to the rooms from the car, and Barbara had taken great care to enlist a lot of excellent support and help for setting up and taking down.  The planning had been complicated by Chris being double-booked for the day so she was present in spirit and quilts only!  But with a dedicated team of very willing hands we got quilts draped around quite quickly as well as the tea and coffee all set up.   Visitors from far and near, lots of chat – so much so that Barbara completely failed to come up with the demonstration(s) that had been promised on the flyers…………  Fellow bloggers Maggi Birchenough and Angie Whiston also took pictures which may show up on their blogs in due course.

Lots of ideas for what to include in a similar day next year – the Farmers Market on Stone High Street added extra interest, and we just might chat to Pollyanna Patchwork and ZigZags to see what the possibilities are for teaming up for a Shop Hop on the same day – that could be fun.  And we would definitely plan ahead for demos, not to mention more advertising.  But let’s not overlook the fact that we had a lovely day to chat and handle quilts and take a little time out –

Grateful thanks to Elizabeth and Ruth, Kate and Jane, Maggi for all their hard work, Suzanne & Irene for representing Staffs Patchworkers and, of course, a big thank you to everyone who visited!

Requirements list for Mystery Mondays will be posted on – Monday!


2 thoughts on “Open Day – afterwards

  1. I had a lovely time, Thank you all for that. Count me in for next year… I never shop-hopped before!
    I’m ready for the mystery too.

  2. I had a great time, it was lovely to be part of such a friendly team and to make some new quilting friends. I didn’t want the day to end!

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