Do we have a plan?

So – back from Jordan and Chris recovering from taking care of all our commitments, including a stint at Quilts UK and doing a great job of keeping everyone in line with their Jelly Rolls – didn’t everyone’s work look great?  Special thanks to Ann Jermey for a sterling contribution at short notice!

Now we are moving on and getting things ready for the Free & Easy Applique class on 12 June and, of course, our Open Day on 5 June.  We’re also getting our dates for 2011 lined up and thinking about the precise content for our Wednesday Sampler classes which start in September.  With all of this  in mind we’re trying out a site called DropBox ( that Chris came across in her web wandering.  It’s specifically for sharing files and so far we’ve found it a really useful substitute for email and attachments, and it’s much easier than having umpteen versions of a document going back and forth through the ether.  Mind you, as inveterate listmakers, shufflers of paperwork and professional procrastinators we find that  it’s getting down to doing the real work of producing samples that’s often the hardest part!

Before the listmaking gets too much for all of us here are just a few pictures from Barbara’s recent trip – as we know, quilters can find familiar patterns everywhere – even on hotel bathroom floors!



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