Jelly Roll class

Another beautiful sunny day and a whole bunch of us were indoors slaving over hot sewing machines – but we were allowed to go outside for lunch, even if it proved just a little too hot out there for some of us. We had two new projects to sew with our jelly rolls – a Bargello runner or quilt (should that be  Barjelly?) and a framed Twilight block quilt. Ann Jermey, drafted in as teagirl and general assistant in Barbara’s absence, was stunned at how quiet 20 or so quilters could be when deciding which project to make, which jelly roll to use (yes, some had brought more than one – “just in case”) and then sorting the strips into pairs or sets. Some jelly rolls were easier than others to use – the batik ones tended to be a bit ‘samey’ with insufficient contrast and then there was the added difficulty that they changed colour along the length of the strip. And how industrious everyone was – we had a hard time persuading them to stop for a lunch break. We’re now looking forward to seeing some finished work before the end of the year (no pressure!). Here’s a few pictures from the day, and there are more on Flickr (see the sidebar) – as you can see Ann did sterling work keeping us all supplied with copious quantities of tea, coffee, chocolate biscuits and cake. We nearly forgot the Jaffa cakes (and that would have been disastrous) but Jennie reminded us in time and disaster was averted.

Apologies that everyone in the class photo looks a bit startled and blurred – the camera’s batteries were almost flat and it finally took this photo just as we’d all given up hope.

The next class is on June 12th – Free and Easy Applique – and we have a few places left, drop us a line if you fancy coming. The needs list is on the website (and there will be a kit too!)


2 thoughts on “Jelly Roll class

  1. Thanks to Chris and Ann for a great day. I thought the heat of the day may have put me off but I was the most productive I’ve ever been (apart from making a bag another Saturday). Husband most impressed when I showed him what I had achieved.

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