Quilts UK or Jordan?

Slight change to our plans – Barbara is supposed to be off to Jordan on a re-scheduled holiday tomorrow (16th) so Chris has nobly volunteered to man Barbara’s stand at Quilts UK. Will this sacrifice be almost in vain as there is now a strong chance that UK airspace will be closed down tomorrow?? Dark mutterings from both of us as we wait to see how things work out.  

On a more positive note, there’s already been a flurry of interest in the EQ class we announced in the last post – Designing Quilts in EQ6, Stone Station, Saturday 27th November – and we’ve almost finalised dates for EQ classes next year too!

3 thoughts on “Quilts UK or Jordan?”

  1. Good luck but next time book a cruise, you’ll have loads of time for sewing while you get there and you will arrive on the appointed day.

  2. Well, did she go or not? Is Petra petrified? is Amman amazed? are the Bedouin packing up their Black tents because they don’t want them covered in feathers and fancy scrolls?

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