EQ interlude

For the EQ class last week we loaned a laptop to one of our faithful students rather than have her miss the class – her copy of EQ6 had been ordered from the States and was caught up in the volcanic ash disruptions so didn’t arrive in time.   We thought it might be fun to pick up just a little bit of the work from the class and mess around  make a few virtual quilts from some of her sample blocks.  So with many thanks to Jennie and the power of Jaffa cakes here they are –

Wonder if any of these will make it into fabric?  Maybe with a high dosage of Jaffa cakes ….?


3 thoughts on “EQ interlude

  1. I told you I was brilliant . O.K. I don’t sew very much, I’m more hide and keep your gob shut than show and tell, but I do add a certain levity to the proceedings.The software has arrived at Stone I just have to pay Customs £16 and Royal Mail£1 and it’s mine. How many Jaffa cakes could you get for that? Many thanks to encouraging teachers who take the dumbest students and make them feel like a million dollars

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