Electric Quilt class

We may have to limit numbers for our EQ classes but there is no limit, it seems, on the number of miles some folks are prepared to travel to get there!  Our eight students on Saturday had come from near and far – far being represented by Norfolk and Cumbria, nearer was Worcester and Hereford.  The Station is a great venue (you could even come to class on the train) with plenty of interesting space, so we used the Waiting Room to set up the laptops, projector and screen and had tea/coffee breaks and lunch in the Station Master’s Office. 

Chris had organised the day along similar lines to our last EQ class – detailed, follow-along handbooks for everyone and working step-by-step together through some more of the drawing tools and menus.  Lots of “oohs” and “aahhs” and other appreciative noises could be heard throughout as we explored all sorts of things – merge, frame, tilt, straight lines, curved lines, Wreathmaker, Patchdraw ………..

Jenny was pleased that she had made herself a new laptop bag – we all admired it and secretly made plans to make something similar ourselves –

With the imminent arrival of EQ7, we’re already starting to think about more EQ classes next year – details will show up in due course here on the blog and also on our website.  For latest information on EQ7 you can check the EQ website (www.electricquilt.com) or our very own Man from Rio (www.riodesigns.co.uk).


3 thoughts on “Electric Quilt class

  1. I hope you do have more classes. I am learning on my own at the moment now I have it installed, and I have pre-ordered the EQ7 upgrade. I should have done this long ago! I see the obligatory biscuits and cake are in evidence.

  2. Plenty to do in the area for the quilters driver especially if the Farmers Market is on and a cup of tea and a bikkie when I came to pick Elaine up.

    The course must have been good Elaine threatens to throw the laptop out the window much less since attending!

    Tom (Elaines driver)

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