Fearless Free Motion

It was a glorious sunny day and we were all (24 of us) indoors slaving over hot sewing machines trying to master FMQ. Barbara had brought the technology – we had a video demonstration no less, although Chris was in danger of impaling herself on the tripod at one point. With such a full class this video technique worked extremely well, enabling everyone to see clearly what was happening, where the needle was going, and what the hands were doing and even to follow along too.

Mind you there was an awful feeling at the beginning when so many machines didn’t seem capable of being set up for free motion …. two of them finally defeated us (one didn’t have a darning foot, the other machine was convinced it knew what to do and us mere mortals were wrong) so Chris nipped home and collected more darning feet and another spare machine … we did have visions of half a dozen folk going home before lunch without having achieved a single stitch. But in the end we got nearly everyone’s machines to cooperate and soon a busy hum and whirr filled the air as everyone looped the loop, and drew Es, garlics, and pebbles. After a lunch break out in the sunshine (admiring the Bowling Green) Barbara showed everyone how to draw a feather with their machine. Quite a few brave souls attempted it – and achieved success. We also had a go at following a drawn design on tear-away tissue. This proved more complicated than it looked but, once more, a bit of practice and most people were pleased with their final attempts.


3 thoughts on “Fearless Free Motion

  1. Some excellent results. I hope everyone managed to make a machine behave as they wanted it to eventually. To me that is always the most frustrating part of FMQ, when your machine decides to have a tantrum.

  2. I could have popped over with my Berninas. I bet those ladies would have loved them….. next time, I could wait outside with them in my van… ready to run to the rescue…. Looks like you had a great day all the same.

  3. Thank you for a fantastic day. I loved it (and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be). My housemate was completely befuddled by my samples though!

    Yet another brilliant Chris & Barbara production. I just need to get as good as Maggi now!

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